As old as time, renewed by innovation?
A new culinary experience
Our aim is to take salt out of the shaker and sprinkle it onto the table.


Complex flavour made simple


Assalt your senses


Compliment the taste
Craig cormack
Craig is a well-travelled salt buyer with 135 naturally occurring salts in his private collection.

He’s been in the restaurant industry for 30 years heading kitchens at 5-star restaurants including Ellerman House and Cape Grace in Cape Town. He’s the vice Counsilier Culinaire for the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Bailliage du Cap and sits on the board of directors of the Culinary Academy. 

Flowing from his passion for salt, Craig has created his own label; Amoleh, with salts like Black Lava and Khoisan Flakes part of its catalogue. 

He’s currently in talks with the BBC for to launch a 10-part television series following his journey through the world of salt from the Far East to South America. In 2005, he launched his first book - The Junior Chefs Guide to Practical and Basic Cooking - a publication currently used in chefs schools and sold to aspiring home cooks. He’s recently been promoted to Commandeur for almost 20 years of service to the Chaine des Rottisseurs.
Beau du toit
Beau has a hands-on approach to salt gifted with skills in smoking, pickling and curing using his favourite ingredient.

He’s been in the hospitality industry for 16 years with experience as executive chef at Arusha Coffee Lodge in Tanzania voted in the top 20 Lodges in Africa and the Middle East. He’s worked at the only authentic Thai restaurant with a Michelin star, Nahm, where the concept of salting is a day-to-day practice based on centuries old Thai cooking.

He has been the head chef to SA top 10 restaurants, 3 years running.
The salt of the earth consists of 160 naturally occurring variations that are found from the basins of China to the salt lakes of Chile. 

In the culinary world, a dozen different types of salt can be used to smoke, pickle, cure and cook dishes which go back in time as far as 2000 years. Including enhancing food there are over 14000 uses for salt from cleaning stains to clearing snow. And not all salts are created equal. Natural salts - Himalayan, Celtic, or deep sea Hawaiian - are some of the good ones. Processed, “fast food salts”, are not.
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