The SALT Deli at Neethlingshof

Salt Deli at Neethlingshof is located in the beautiful Manor House on the Estate, overlooking the picturesque mountain range of the Cape Winelands.

The talented chef duo, Craig Cormack and Beau du Toit, invite you on a salt journey, demonstrating how their passion for salt influences their love for cooking.

Together they have prepared dishes designed to perfectly match the award-winning Neethlingshof wines and to express how their use of salt influences is the anchor for all their flavours.

See our food come to life

We don’t enjoy food for the taste alone. Have a look at our delicious SALT Deli Breakfast & Lunch menu below.

Make a Reservation

To make a reservation please call us on 021 883 8966 or book online below:

Breakfast Menu

Served between 8h30 and 11h00

  • Eggs benedict R95

    2 Poached eggs, English muffin, rocket, blush tomato, and hollandaise
    A choice of bacon, ham or salmon.

  • Full SALT breakfast R95

    2 Fried eggs, streaky bacon, pork bangers, brown mushroom, tomato and toast.

  • French Toast R65

    Grilled banana, bacon, maple syrup, and mascarpone.

  • Bacon, Feta, Avo, Egg Wrap R75

    Our rendition of an omelette, with homemade bread.

  • The SALT Block
    Farmhouse Breakfast

    100 gr sirloin steak, fried eggs, tomato, streaky bacon, sausage, and mushroom all cooked by you at the table. Includes a Glass of Hill & Dale bubbly, coffee, and toast. Pre-Orders only

Lunch Menu

Served between 12h00 and 15h00

  • The Reuben Sandwich R90

    Filled with pastrami of beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, rye sourdough, ranch dressing and served with hand cut fries.

    SALT note: Pastrami is a curing and smoking method, where raw meat is brined, partially dried seasoned with herbs and spice, then smoked and steamed.

  • “Denningsvleis” R210

    Cape Malay style braised lamb shoulder, tamarind, baby potatoes, and glazed onion.

    SALT note: Denningsvleis originated from the Javanese word dendeng, which translates to water buffalo meat, we use lamb or mutton in the cape.

  • Kingklip, Prawns, Mussel,
    and Chorizo Bisque

    Seared kingklip, prawns, mussel, crispy chorizo, salsa, with chorizo and prawn bisque.

    SALT note:: Kingklip is cured for 4 days, in a mixture of salt, orange, juniper berries and fennel.

  • Blackened Chargrilled

    Heavy charred deboned chicken leg, with charred clementine, with a clementine and soy dressing.

    SALT note: Japanese soy sauce - Soybeans and wheat are combined with mould to produce koji, which is fermented and combined with salt, water, yeast, and lactic acid to produce moromi. This can be fermented for 3 years.
    After fermentation it's pressed, filtered, and heated to produce soy sauce.

  • Grilled Sirloin Steak R150

    Grilled 200g Matured sirloin and sauce forestiere.

    SALT note: on this dish we are using the Baleni Salt, one of my favourite salts, we call this a Finishing salt, it is truly delicious and has a well-balanced flavour, this crushed over the meat to give the dish is perfect seasoning.

  • Sauteed Gnocchi R65

    Gnocchi, mushroom, parmesan crème, truffle oil and chives

  • The SALT Chips R45

    Hand cut chips with our SALT spice

  • Potato and Parma Ham

    Potato dauphinoise wrapped in parma ham and baked in puff pastry

  • Beetroot Hasselback R55

    Crispy beetroots, yogurt, with clementine, coriander and lime salsa

  • Pilaff Rice R70

    Jasmine rice cooked with root vegetables, herbs and chicken stock

  • Flourless Chocolate Torte R95

    Grilled citrus with thyme and red alaea ice cream

  • Upside-down Pineapple Cake R95

    Pineapple and sage granita, coconut crumble, pineapple salsa