Beau du Toit

Chef | Restaurateur | Consultant

Michelin-Star Thai restaurant inspired Beau to discover the profound impact of preservation, curing, fermentation, and salting techniques in diverse cuisines which he expanded into his salt-centric culinary journey.


Beau du Toit’s fascination with salt began long before he started his culinary journey. In 2007, while working at a Michelin-starred Thai restaurant, his intrigue reached new heights. Immersing himself in unfamiliar ingredients and techniques felt strangely familiar, sparking his curiosity about the role of climate, geography, and culture in food preservation.

This experience resonated with Beau given the parallels to South African cuisine. Just as fermentation, salting, and curing helped adapt Thai food to economic limitations, similar techniques shaped beloved South African fare like biltong, droëwors, and bokkoms.

Craig Cormack’s own salt obsession led the two chefs to connect. Despite their differing approaches, salt united their philosophies.

For Beau, engaging with this essential mineral resets centuries-old culinary traditions. More than salt itself, Beau wants his food to reflect a mindset – one that celebrates seasonality, sustainability, and local farmers. He aims to honour generations of grandmothers who preserved local produce like quinces, apricots, and green figs through jams, preserves, and other homemade delicacies.

Rather than reaching for out-of-season ingredients at the grocery store, Beau challenges us to rediscover these lost food rituals.

“It is not just about sustainability – it’s about understanding our impact and leaving a legacy for future generations.